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Motivational Stories

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motivational stories create positive power in yourself best motivational thought of the day inspirational status message send and share this best status with your friends food for thought always keep positive think in your mind because positive thing can change your life thinks gives us best way for life.

  • Me and Mine are d very roots of the
    Evil in d world

  • If god answers our prayers,
    He's increasing our faith,
    If he delays,he'sincreasing our patience,
    If he doesn't answers,he knows v can handle.

  • Even a big pot full of water will b emptied
    By a small hole,
    In the same way,
    A little anger or ego will burn up
    The nobility of GOOD HEART..

  • Advice after mischief is like
    Medicine after Death..

  • What is easy & difficult in life?
    Easy is 2 judge d mistake of others...
    Difficult is 2recognise &accept our own mistakes.

  • Lazy person sleeps the sleep of ignorance
    and the wise man is overtaken in a rapid pace.

  • Life is an Echo,
    All comes Back,
    The Good, the Bad, the False, the True:
    So Give d World d Best you Have and the Best will Come Back to you.

  • Small thought -Anger is the feeling
    That makes your mouth work faster
    Then your mind........

  • Hope for d best,
    But b prepared for d worst.


  • A beautiful understanding about life:
    Our problem is never really our problem.
    Our reaction 2d problem is really our problem.

  • Inspirational Stories

  • A Paper fly in air due 2 LUCK But Bird flying in air is because of EFFORTs
    So Don’t worry if LUCK does not support
    EFFORTs R always there 2support u..

  • Prayer is not an attempt to change the god's mind,
    its an attempt to let God Change our mind...

  • Life sometimes takes unknown turn,
    Don’t be afraid 2 travel it.
    Someday that turn will take us
    2 untouched heights on top of d world..

  • Whatever we do, do it Better.

  • The best thing to give your enemy is


  • Try is a small word that can make a big difference.
    If v try only risk FAILURE,
    But if v don't even try,
    then we'll ensure FAILURE!

  • Pure food brings a pure mind
    And pure mind helps in constant
    Memory of GOD

  • Inspiring Thoughts

  • Give to the world the best you have,
    And d best will come back to you

  • Change yourself first if
    You wish to change the world..

  • Emotions don't have words
    Wishes don't have script,
    If we smile world is with us,
    Otherwise even a drop of tear doesn't like 2 stay with us.

  • Respect the old when you are young
    Help the weak when you are Strong
    Confess the Fault when you are wrong
    because one day in life you will be OLD,WEAK and WRONG.

  • Not the proper decision at proper time
    A person who no matter how
    Great might be, for himself
    And harmful to society Is proven.

  • Living in the favorable and unfavorable
    Situation is called-
    But smiling in all those situation is called-
    "ART OF LIFE"....

  • In life we sometimes feel that
    All doors are now closed for us,
    If that happens in our life,
    Remember these words-

  • Inspirational love quotes

  • Life is stricter than a Teacher.
    A Teacher Teaches Lesson and Then keeps The Exam.
    But Life Keeps The Exam First & Then Teaches The LESSON.

  • Time to be a great opportunity to
    Everyone, it depends on the person
    How he picks up his advantage.

  • The four ways to reach God:
    Look back and thank God.
    Look forward and trust God.
    Look around and serve God.
    Look within and find God....

  • Somebody said to god:
    I want peace God replied:
    Remove d" I",dat is ego;
    Remove d "Want",dat is desire;
    And Peace will be automatically there.

  • When time never waits for us
    Then why do we always wait for d right time??
    No time is wrong to do the right things..

  • Positive Thinking May Not Guarantee Success,
    But Negative Thinking Definitely Guarantees Failure
    So always have positive attitude.

  • There is no royal road to success.
    BUT after success, every road becomes royal.
    Best wishes for those who believe in struggle.....

  • If U want to enjoy,
    Always think today is the 1st day.
    If U wants to achieve something,
    Always think today is the last day...

  • Be satisfied with life,
    But unsatisfied with the results we produce..
    That’s the best way to keep growing and
    To discover your hidden potential.

  • You are not responsible for what people think about you,
    But you are responsible for what u give them to think about you.
    They may forget what you said but
    They will never forget how u made them feel..........

  • GOD Is A Sure Paymaster,
    He May Not Pay
    At The End Of
    Every Week Or
    Month Or Year,
    But Remember He
    Pays In The End.
    So Keep Faith
    In GOD....

  • Every bad situation will have something positive,
    Even a stopped clock shows correct time twice a day.
    Think positive=SUCCESS

  • Thoughts in Hindi

  • ज्ञान की बातें सुनकर जो उन पर अमल करता है, उसी के हृदय में ज्ञान की ज्योति प्रकट होती है।

  • मित्रों को एकांत में भला-बुरा कहो, लेकिन प्रशंसा सबके सामने करो।

  • जो भी काम करें उस पर पूरे मनोयोग से ध्यान केंद्रित करें। सूर्य की किरणों से तब तक आग नहीं जलती जब तक उन्हें केंद्रित नहीं किया जाता।

  • केवल उन लोगों को अपने चारों ओर इकट्ठा करें जो आपको और ऊपर ले जा पाएं।

  • किसी के गुणों की प्रशंसा करने में अपना समय नष्ट मत करो, उसके गुणों को अपनाने का प्रयत्न करो।