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How to send apps and games on whatsapp

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How to send non document file or non video or image files by whatsapp Do you know you can send Android application or other files by whatsapp not only media or documents file you can also send apk file or other files.

Hello friends my name is vijay now I am going to tell you how to send android app and all kind of file by whatsapp you can send this files by using a simple trick. Currently whatsapp give us permission to send Documents, Audio, Videos, Images, Lacation, or contacts you can send application to your other whatsapp friend.

How to send App by whatsapp

Follow below steps for send any android app by whatsapp
  • 1st go to your mobile file manager option.
  • Now select your application file which you want to send
  • Now click on rename option and rename this file extension name you need to change only file extension example your file name is xyz.apk now you need change only .apk into .txt and now save this file.
how to change apk to txt format

  • Now you can send this file as a txt file.
sending apk file as  txt file by whatsapp

  • Now for use this apk file your friend need again change this file extension name .txt to .apk after download file.
For example you send this file to Mr. A now ask to Mr.A change file extension name he will find this file by other name like this DOC-xxxxxxxx-WA00.txt in whatsapp Documents Folder now he need change .txt to .apk extension and use this.

again converting txt to apk format for us this file

After changing file extension you can use this application it will be change in original format.

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using app by sending whatsapp