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How To Read Deleted Messages On Whatsapp Messenger

Read whatsapp deleted messages Hello friends today i'am going to tell you a trick for read deleted whatsapp messages as we now whatsapp added a new feature for user by using this feature you can delete any send message withing 8 Minutes and this message will delete from receiver mobile and there show a message like This message was deleted.but by using this trick you can also read deleted message watch below given video for know how to read deleted whatsapp message.

How lock whatsapp chat with password

lock whatsapp chat with password

How to protect whatsapp chat with password every one want protect self-privacy on whatsapp today I am going to tell how you can protect your whatsapp chat with password yes you can set a password for your whatsapp chat. Protect you whatsapp with lock not full whatsapp you can choose your chat which you want to protect with password this feature provide by third party app Whatsapp chat locker by using this app you can lock your whatsapp chat.

How to set password for whatsapp chat.

Follow below step for lock your whatsapp chat with password.
  • 1st install whatsapp chat locker link is given below
  • After install app choose your language in which language you want use this app.
  • Now Set your Password by entering this password will be open your locked whatsapp chats.
  • Now Click on + icon left side of bottom and now click on Lock whatsapp chats when you use this app 1st time you need to on Acceptability permission for Whatsapp chat locker.
  • After on Acceptability permission go to whatsapp chat locker tap on + icon now whatsapp will be open select chat which you want to lock now your selected chat will be locked. Now you need to enter your whatsapp chat locker password for open locked chat.

How to share more than 10 media item in whatsapp from gallery?

share more than 10 media item in whatsapp from Gallery

Hey friends now you can send more than 10 images or videos in whatsapp in one time. whatsapp increase it limit 10 to 30 images or video now you can send by gallery, in early version it’s limit was 10 so it’s a good imperilment by whatsapp you will get this new limit on whatsapp messenger Version 2.17.190 or in higher version of whatsapp.
In Early version when you were trying to send more than 10 media files videos or images message give a message Can’t share more than 10 media items now this message will show when you will try to share more 30 media item from gallery.

How to use whatsapp new pin chats feature-whatapp new features and tricks

how to apply pin chats in chat

Whatsapp new feature pin it’s a useful feature you can use this feature for keep any friend chat in top. Today in this post I am going to tell you how you can use this feature or what the benefit of pin feature is. Whatsapp added new pin feature in this feature you can pin 3 chat yes maximum limit of pin are 3.

Benefit of whatsapp new pin chats feature

New pin feature is very useful for those people’s who chat with multiple friends this feature will show pinned chat on top it mean you can easily select your favorite chat (friend).you need only pin your favorite chat after this if any your other friend will message you so this message will show below of pinned chat not on top and if your pinned friend will message you it will show on top so you no need to come down or top for find your favorite chat (friend).

How to use whatsapp new pin chats feature

For use whatsapp new pin feature select your friend name (who you want to keep on top) by long tap on friend name and after select tap pin icon you can pin 3 chats yes it’s limit maximum 3 chat you can pin it you can also unpin for unpin again select your pinned chat and tap on pin icon.

How to save whatsapp status videos or images

whatsapp tricks

How to save whatsapp status videos or images? Hello friends as you know whatsapp introduced new Status feature in this feature now you can add a video or images in whatsapp status and this status will disappear after 24 hour automatically. You can also seen your friends whatsapp status videos or images the good think is this with this status feature are you can hide your status for your special number it mean you can add excluded number for hide your whatsapp status or you can also choose your contacts number who can see your status photos or videos if you choose this option so everyone can not see your status.

So here are 3 options in whatsapp for status

  • My Contacts
  • My Contacts Except…
  • Only share with…

  • May you have seen your friend’s whatsapp status videos or image in this status whatsapp does not provide any download or save option for save this status after 24 hour this status will be disappear so you will not see this status again if you want or if you like your friend’s status image or videos how you can keep this images or videos in your mobile.

    110 Best WhatsApp Status

    Here I am going to tell you how you can save whatsapp status videos or images.

    Follow below steps for save status media files.

    Go to file manager option>open whatsapp folder>Open media Folder>Now go to file manager menu and Click on Show hidden files option.

    show hidden files

    if you don't have show hidden file option in your file manager you need to Download and Install ES File Explorer app on your mobile phone.

    after hidden files show

    After show hidden files you can see a folder .Statuses open this folder and here is a status media files available copy status video or images which you want to save and past this files in other folder where you want to keep this files.

    hidden whatsapp status vidoes or images

    See video for save whatsapp status images and videos