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How to add Html/JavaScript Gadget in blogger

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add Html/JavaScript

Add third party html and Java Script in your blogger blogs.

Blogger gives us so much facility to manage our blog according to our self and many other sites provide us HTML/JAVA SCRIPT widget for use in blogger.

Why we need add Html/Java Script in blog.

When we need to us third party Gadget or other facility like Google Analytics Facebook like button and other etc for use that type third party facilities we need to add coding to our blog which provided by third party site so we add this coding by Html and Java Script Gadget.

How to Add Html/Java Script widget in blogger?

  1. Go to blogger
  2. Go to your blog Layout option.

    Layout image

  3. Now Select Add a Gadget option (After Click add gadget option a popup window will be open).

    Add a Gadget

  4. Now select Html/Java Script option. ).

    Html/Java Script gadget option

  5. After click html/java script option a mini window will be open “Configure HTML/JavaScript” Form window now past the code from the third party site in Content area and add a Title which you want you can leave title field blank now press save button. ).

Configure HTML/JavaScript image

  • You can manage this widget position by Drag this widget and now drop the gadget where you want it to appear this gadget.
Drag and drop gadget

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