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How to fix android battery draining too fast issue or hanging Problem

Do you know why your phone battery draining so fast and hanging many android smart phone user want to know why after some time battery getting drain fast and mobile hanging today in this post I am going to tell you how we can solve this issue.

Why mobile battery draining too fast

The common reason of battery draining too fast is battery consumption when we use multiple mobile apps in mobile so it use more battery power so when you no need unnecessary app delete the app or you can force close unnecessary app.

Tips for fix Mobile battery fast draining issue

Tips To Solve Hanging Problem In Android Smartphone

  • use medium or law Display brightness till then you no need full brightness
  • Force Close unused app
  • Keep mobile WI-FI or GPS or mobile data off when you no need it
  • Do not charge mobile battery whole night
  • you should restart your mobile in a week

How to solve mobile hanging problem

  • Restart you mobile once a week because by restarting of mobile all unwanted app will be close which is running in background
  • Keep your mobile apps updated because update fix bug in app which is effecting our device
  • Delete Unnecessary Apps
  • Force Close unused app
  • uninstall unauthorized apps

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How to Download Android Paid (Pro version) apps for free - Download Pro apps free

Download Android pro (Paid) version App free. If you have a question how to download android paid apps free I will tell you a way to download pro version android application free.
What is pro version of application?
Pro application is a full version of application which provides you all the feature of application. Some applications are available in two types.
1. Free in free version company will provide you some features in free version application limited features will work in free version of app it also know as try version.
2. Pro versions in pro (Paid) version you can use all the features of application but for pro version company will charge you money for use this app but in this post I will tell you how you can download android pro version app free.
Many Famous apps are free it provide only one version it prime version there is no various version of app that types app you no need to pro version it provide full version which you can download from play store like whatsapp , facebook, google,twitter etc,.
How to download android paid pro app ( .APK )
You can download paid app free by using some 3rd party app in market many apps are available for download paid app free but in this post I will tell you one app which I use it’s name is BLACKMART app you no need to root your phone or android device.
Follow below step for download play store paid app free .
1st download blackmart app by using below download link and install this app.
Download Blackmart app

Now open this app and search your app which you want to download example I want to download viva video pro app so I search this app (this app is available in play store for purchase we will download this app free by blackmart app).

Now for quick search of pro app apply a filter click on right side of top menu icon.

Now tap in Sort Mode and click on filter option.

Now in filter menu select paid option.

Now this app will be show you only paid app which is available in Google play store purchase.

Now click on app which you want to Install.

You download will be start and this app will be install in you android device after install you can use your this pro version app free.

You can download all Google play store paid application free by blackmart app. Enjoy it.

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How to Fix Screen overlay detected problem in android device

Fix Screen overlay detected problem, does your mobile show Screen overlay detected error message while running any app and it says “To change this permission setting, you first have to turn off the screen overlay from Setting>App”. how to turn off screen overlay ?

My many friends and my website viewer facing this problem while using android device (Samsung j7, one plus one, Motorola,etc) we have found Maximum user are using Android 6.0 Marshmallow version who facing this problem,.

We talk to many android users who faced “Fix Screen overlay detected” problem they says they went to service center for solution of this problem but service center suggest format the device for fix this problem. But I think this is a not a solution so I research on this problem and I found some apps are creating this problem. So if you are facing this problem try my tips for fix this issue.

Which app is Responsible for this issue-?
In most case responsible apps Are CleanMaster,Drupe,Lux,Twilight or unknown apps, so for Fix Screen overlay detected problem uninstall this apps and you can install this app again also if you want use this app if again your facing this problem after reinstall this apps so uninstall this apps permanently .

How to use Android Phone as Modem

Tethering & Portable Hotspot

Use mobile Internet on your computer with your mobile data plan you can use android phone as a modem and can access internet in your pc.

You want use internet on your pc but you are away from wired or Wi-Fi connection so don’t worry you can access internet via android Smartphone it’s called “Tethering”.
Android have smart feature and it’s allowing three ways to create the connection with PC.

Tethering & Portable Hotspot

1. USB Tethering- by this option you can connect android phone and computer via USB Data cable.

2. Portable WLAN Hotspot (WiFi) - by this option you can access internet in Wi-Fi enable Computer.

3. Bluetooth Tethering- you can also share mobile internet data in Bluetooth enable computer by Bluetooth tethering.

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How to connect android phone to pc for internet access?

There are three ways to connect android mobile phone to computer all method is given below.

1. Use internet connection via connecting USB Cable.

USB Tethering

Follow below steps to active USB tethering
Connect your USB Data cable with phone and computer.
Go to Setting option > Now Select More > Now Select Tethering &portable hotspot > Now Select USB Tethering.

Network Notification Icon

You have done it now your pc is connecting with android phone.

2. Use internet via Wi-Fi to computer.

Portable WLAN Hotspot

Follow below steps to Portable WLAN Hotspot
Go to Setting option > Now Select More > Now Select Tethering &portable hotspot > Now Select Portable WLAN Hotspot

Now Scan Wi-Fi connection in your Wi-Fi enable pc now your mobile name will be show in available connection now connect and use internet.

3. Use internet in your blutooth enables pc via your android phone.

Bluetooth Tethering

Follow below steps to Bluetooth Tethering
Turn on Bluetooth on your phone make your device visible to all.
Now click on the start button on your pc now click Device and printer > Now click on add device button.
Now Select your android phone from the list and now click "Next Button” to Run Wizard and follow all wizard step and pair your phone.
Next step- Go to Setting option > Now Select More > Now Select Tethering &portable hotspot> Now Select Bluetooth Tethering.

Now Again go to Device and Printer option in your window and click right button of mouse in your Bluetooth Mobile device Name which show in device and printer list and now click on Access point option in Connecting Using Access Point list. Now your mobile will be asked for permission to connect Press Allow in your mobile. now your mobile will be connecting with your pc.

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How to watch youtube video offline on android

watch youtube video offline

How to download youtube video for view in offline in android mobile do you want to watch youtube videos in mobile when you are offline youtube provide new feature for android youtube app user now you can watch offline youtube video in youtube app, youtube provide new download option in app like youtube downloader youtube have world all video’s category videos it’s a good news for whom who like to watch youtube videos.

Download and watch youtube videos offline.

Open youtube app choose video which you want to view or save for offline after this click on download icon now choose video quality size then press OK. For view this video go to menu then select offline option and watch your video.

Note: This feature work when you use WiFe Network.

How To Hide Whatsapp Images/videos from Gallery in Android

Hide whatsapp receive media videos pictures in Gallery hey friends when you receive images videos via whatsapp in android your all receive media show in phone gallery anybody can see you private personal video photos it’s default feature of whatsapp media display in gallery have you notice your send video images not show in phone gallery yes it’s not show in gallery you can apply this condition in receive media also by create .nomedia file in receive images or videos folder don’t worry friends I will tell full step for this.
For Hide whatsapp receive media in gallery you need to create a .nomedia file in WhatsApp Images folder and for hide videos create this file inside WhatsApp videos folder.
Follow the below step for create .nomedia file.

Hide whatsapp images from gallery

  • You need the Install file explorer "ES File Explorer" in you android device it is a free application you can download this app from Click below download button for download ES File Explorer.

  • After Install ES File Explorer open this app now open ES File Explorer Menu Now choose Path of whatsapp like SD Card Phone memory which you are using for whatsapp.

  • Here we suppose you are using sd card forwhatsapp.

  • For sd card choose sdcard0 for select

  • Now select whatsapp folder.

  • Now Go to Media folder.

  • Now open Whatsapp Images Folder and Tap on New option.

  • Path=
    sd memory card (0) --> WhatsApp --> Media --> WhatsApp Images

  • Now choose File option and enter file name file name is .nomedia file name should be .nomedia.

  • For hide whatsapp video from gallery follow same steps as whatsapp Images.
    .nomedia file tell (force) to system in this folder files are not media files do not show in gallery.
    If you don’t want to install any app you can download nomedia file by clicking below Download Button or Scan QR Code from you Android smart phone for download nomedia file after download nomedia file copy this from download folder and past this in WhatsApp --> Media --> WhatsApp Images folder.

    Download nomedia file for android

    Scan Below QR Code from Android Smartphone for Download nomedia file

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    How to Create Wi-Fi hotspot in Android

    Go to Phone Setting option > Now Select More > Now Select Tethering & portable hotspot > Now Tap the Wi-Fi Hotspot.
    Successfully you have created the Wi-Fi hotspot network zone now you can use your mobile data in other Wi-Fi Device.

    How to Root Android Phone

    Root android phone easily trick for root android friends my many friends ask to me how to root android phone and what is the benefit of rooting the phone so today In this post I will tell you all about root android and how to root android phone.

    Benefit of Root

    Android OS is open source operating system it come with some Limitation device manufacture provide us android OS as they want example pre install application you can’t uninstall this apps or startup logo but after root the phone you can use your phone as you want you can uninstall unwanted apps you can change logo by some apps use you phone as you want.

    Note-: After Root the phone your phone warranty will be finish/ Cancelled.

    How to Root Android

    If you want root your android device or phone you need t to install Framaroot in your phone so 1st install framaroot for root the phone.
    After install framaroot open this app.
    Framaroot installed

    Salect Install SuperSU  > After select Install SuperSu Click on Boromir button After this wait for some second After show Success Message restart your phone you have done it.

    Check Android Root check phone root access enable or not

    For check your phone it root accessible have or not you need to install Root Checker Install this app after install this app open this app.

    Root Checker

    After open Root Checker Click VERIFY ROOT Button it takes around 10 second for check root if your phone is root enable Congratulations Message will be show as your seeing in upper image.

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    how to use android apps on pc

    android on pc

    How to use android apps in Desktop laptop pc if you want to use android apps on your Computer can you do this yes you can use android application on your pc by using of desktop application Bluestacks you need to install bluestacks application in your pc it work as a phone device platform and all your android application you can use in this desktop application open this install your android (.apk) apps in Bluestacks and use your favorite android apps in your laptop or pc. Follow bellow link to download Bluestacks.

    Features of Bluestacks

    Use whatsapp in pc

    Use hike on pc

    use all android apps in your pc

    Download Bluestacks

    How to Download Android Apps on PC from Google Play Store

    Download Android apps

    Android is a fast growing OS its support many useful application and games android user can install android apk apps or games from Google play store but they can’t download apps setup in mobile or pc. But don’t worry friends you can download android .apk apps on pc from google play store by other trick in this post I will tell you how to download android apk apps on computer.

    Why we need to download android app in pc

    Suppose friends you want to install games or important useful apps in your android device but you not have internet connectivity on your mobile device or may be have but very slow speed internet and your download take so long time to complete download so that’s why we need download android apps on pc from Google play app store.

    How to Download android app in pc

    1. Open Google play store in your web browser and search your apps in google play and select your app.
    2. Now copy your app google play URL (See Below Screen short).

    3. copy+google+play+app+url
      Click on Image to View in Large

    4. now Open this site in your web browser new tab and past your app google play store url in given field and press Generate Download Link Button (See Below Screen short).

    5. apk+downloader
      Click on Image to View in Large

    6. After Click on Generate Download Link button a download link will be Generate click on this link your download will be start save this app on your pc and install in your android mobile (See Below Screen short).

    7. Click+and+Download+pk+app
      Click on Image to View in Large

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    How to Check Which Android Version is Running in Your Device

    Know your android version name which android version you are using in your device. Android operating system name we know as Gingerbread , Honeycomb , Ice Cream Sandwich , Jelly Bean , and Android KitKat and in future may be more new. So how you can check which android version is running in your device, it’s very easy to see version name in setting option.

    Fallow below steps to know which Android version you are using.

    1. Go to device setting option.

    2. android_menu
    3. Scroll down towards the bottom of the setting menu.

    4. Select About phone option (This option name would be as about “your device Brand name” Phone/Device).

    5. android_setting
    6. Now tab 5 to 6 times in android version now your android version name will be show on current screen with logo of version.

    7. android_about_phone+android_Jelly_Bean

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    How to Take Screenshots on Android Devices 4.0 or latter

    Hello friends are you using android device with android version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich/ Jelly Bean)or latter and you want screenshot /Snapshot to send to your friends or someone else for many reasons some time we need screen shot to share with friends. So don’t to worry android have many smart feature for our Smartphone for screen short also.

    How can you take a screenshot on an Android phone or tablet

    For Screen shot you need press and hold volume down + Power Button at the same time. After press both button at same time your screenshot will be show for few seconds and screenshot will be save in Gallery now go to Gallery and share or use your snapshot.