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whatsapp image thumbnail change magic trick for android


Whatsapp change image thumbnail trick actual download image is difference and in chat thumbnail image is difference. Make fun and share fun with your friends. You may have received any picture from your friends in whatsapp this image thumbnail is different in chat screen but actual download image is different you get shock how does it happened does it a magical trick or how your friend do this magic friends don’t worry it’s not a magic it’s a simple trick do by a android (.apk) application. You also can do this by using these apps. In android market many application have for this trick in this post I m going to tell 2 apps.
  1. magiapp
  2. z-photoFake
  3. How to use magiapp (Funny image change effect in whatsapp)

    magiapp download

    First download this app from below giver download link.


    Open this app choose two images in first box choose image which you want to show in chat area in second box choose original image which show after download.
    Now press DoMagic button. After few second automatic will open your whatsapp page now choose contact name to whom you want to share this magic image.

    How to use z-photoFake app (whatsapp image change magic)

    z-photoFake magic app for whatsapp user

    Go to google play store download z-photofake app Install this app choose your original image you want to send after select your image press next button after press next button share option will be show select whatsapp your whatsapp will be open select your contact name to whom you want to share this funny magic image. Which type effect will show in whatsapp by this app?
    This app will show a white blank image in chat box when your friend open this image the original image will show.