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How to create youtube short

 to create a YouTube short, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Install a video editing app on your device, such as iMovie, Adobe Premiere Rush, or Kinemaster.

  2. Record or upload video clips you want to use in your short.

  3. Import the clips into your video editing app and arrange them in the order you want.

  4. Add music, sound effects, and transitions to your short as desired.

  5. Use the editing tools to trim and split your clips, adjust the colors and brightness, and add text and other graphic elements.

  6. Preview your short and make any necessary adjustments.

  7. Export your short in the desired format and upload it to your YouTube channel.

  8. Add a title, description, and tags to your video to make it easily discoverable on YouTube.

  9. Share your short on your social media channels and other platforms to drive more views.

Tips for Becoming a Successful YouTuber


Becoming a YouTuber requires a strong will and the determination to succeed. It's also a career choice that requires a keen sense of timing and social media marketing. However, it's a field that's growing rapidly and has plenty of exciting opportunities for those who are willing to work hard to find them.

First, you'll need to decide on your interests and create a series around them. You should then promote your videos and build an online audience. From there, you'll need to actively engage your fans by creating content regularly and answering questions from viewers. Ultimately, becoming a successful YouTuber requires dedication and a clear plan of action.

young people. Others find success with niche subjects within the entertainment industry such as film or television reviews. Whichever you choose, you'll need to pick an area of interest and capitalise on that through your YouTube channel. Doing so will help you stand out in a crowd and make your channel personal to you.

Since each YouTuber is unique, developing your own style is essential for success. Creating content yourself helps you understand what works best for your channel. This makes you more confident when promoting your videos and builds interest in your channel over time. Plus, continually creating new content keeps audiences interested in new and exciting ways to view the content you've already created.

To maintain interest in your videos, you'll need to regularly update old content with new material. This can be as simple as adding a caption or edit to an already existing video- but something to keep your audience interested. Regularly updated videos also give newer audiences a reason to check out your channel for the first time- increasing your viewership numbers and promoting both you and your content simultaneously.

It's also important to think carefully about any major changes you make before implementing them in your content plan. For example, many aspiring YouTubers change their physical appearance before starting their channel. This allows them to dive more directly into their favorite forms of content since they feel more confident about their appearance before starting their channel. Others make drastic lifestyle changes such as moving away from home or changing jobs midstream. However, changing major aspects of your life without planning first can negatively affect both your career and mental well-being!

Becoming a successful YouTuber takes hard work, dedication, and a willingness to succeed- but it's possible for anyone with the determination! First, decide on an area of interest and develop a style that makes you stand out from the crowd. Then regularly update old content with new material and actively engage your fans with new content creation ideas. Lastly, be sure to think carefully about any major changes you make before implementing them in your content plan. Anyone can become a successful YouTuber!

How to hide apps on samsung phones

hide apps from samsung phone if you want keep your some apps private you dont want to show this apps to other,don't worry you can hide apps from your samsung phone follow below steps for hide apps from samsung any android phones.

  • Go to setting option 
  • Now open Display
  • then open Home Screen option 
  • now open hide apps option now select apps which you want to hide and now click on apply button.
  • Now check your apps your selected apps will be hide

Watch below video for more step by step tutorial.

How to Hide Apps in Redmi Phones Note 4,Note 5,6,7 pro MIUI 10

Hello Friend in this post i will tell your how you can hide app in redmi phones on all phone watch below given full video in this video i will show you how to hide app and how to view hidden apps if you like this video don't forget to subscribe my channel for new videos.

Hide Apps in Redmi Phones Note 4,Note 5,6,7 pro phone update your MIUI this feature is available on MIUI 10 or above version Go to  setting option and check your MIUI version now to go below in setting option there is App lock option open it and set your pattern lock click on top right side setting option and select Hide apps option and enable it and select apps which you want to hide in Manage hidden apps for view this hidden app Spread two fingers on the will see a message asking you to enter you lock password enter password hidden app will be show for use.

How To Read Deleted Messages On Whatsapp Messenger

Read whatsapp deleted messages Hello friends today i'am going to tell you a trick for read deleted whatsapp messages as we now whatsapp added a new feature for user by using this feature you can delete any send message withing 8 Minutes and this message will delete from receiver mobile and there show a message like This message was deleted.but by using this trick you can also read deleted message watch below given video for know how to read deleted whatsapp message.

How lock whatsapp chat with password

lock whatsapp chat with password

How to protect whatsapp chat with password every one want protect self-privacy on whatsapp today I am going to tell how you can protect your whatsapp chat with password yes you can set a password for your whatsapp chat. Protect you whatsapp with lock not full whatsapp you can choose your chat which you want to protect with password this feature provide by third party app Whatsapp chat locker by using this app you can lock your whatsapp chat.

How to set password for whatsapp chat.

Follow below step for lock your whatsapp chat with password.
  • 1st install whatsapp chat locker link is given below
  • After install app choose your language in which language you want use this app.
  • Now Set your Password by entering this password will be open your locked whatsapp chats.
  • Now Click on + icon left side of bottom and now click on Lock whatsapp chats when you use this app 1st time you need to on Acceptability permission for Whatsapp chat locker.
  • After on Acceptability permission go to whatsapp chat locker tap on + icon now whatsapp will be open select chat which you want to lock now your selected chat will be locked. Now you need to enter your whatsapp chat locker password for open locked chat.

110 Best WhatsApp Status

whatsapp status Image
Whatsapp status is a way to share your thought and whatever in your mind vktechzone bring 110 best whatsapp status to our site visitors in this post we are publishing category wise status for  love,funny,quotes,cool,and best rating whatsapp status.

Best whatsapp status

  • Do more of what makes you happy
  • We will either find a way, or make one
  • Be happy, live free.
  • Keep calm and wait for right opportunities!
  • Always hope,its a spark of a great beginning
  • Smile and the world will smile back:)
  • The only people who never fail are those who never try
  • Friends are the jewels of life!
  • Divorce your EGO.
  • If you are happy you are never lonely....
  • If u want to grew, always be true
  • Life without mistakes is like, education without books
  • Smile is the best source to win hearts..
  • Life is simple if we are simple....
  • Always keep smiling
  • You can do anything you want, or be
  • Always give your best never worry for results
  • Life is short, so enjoy the life
  • Enjoy because it's going to happen anyway!!
  • Speak little, do much.
  • Funny whatsapp status

  • 404 Not found
  • Error:status is unavailable
  • It's hard to being a superwoman
  • I don't care because you not fair
  • My school cares more about the uniform than about my education.
  • First lady second body and if interested then study..
  • Sorry VIP status you can’t see
  • Dreams are just the brain’s Screensavers.
  • I know I haven’t changed but I’m not the same.
  • Marriage is a workshop.... Where husband works, wife shops...
  • Hello! Problems where are you looking I am here.
  • Is your name WI-FI ? 'cause I’m feeling connection
  • Google on my mind
  • Common sense is not so common
  • Hi there! I am using my brain!
  • Cool status for whatsapp

  • People says impossible is nothing, I do nothing everyday
  • i know you look on my status
  • Today its me, tomorrow will be u
  • So many girls, not much time
  • My dream is to fly..over a high..
  • Smile is nothing like always happy
  • People with status don't need status...
  • Don’t under estimate My power
  • I am hot dude with cool attitude
  • Courage knows what not to fear
  • Time change Priority changes
  • Whatever you will live at the end you will leave
  • I still care, that’s the problem
  • Your eyes are my status.
  • Have a good time :)
  • Life must go on :-)
  • I’m an angel with an attitude...mind it :)
  • Follow your heart and see where you land.
  • I don’t need to be wanted I want to be needed...
  • My attitude changes depend on who I'm around.
  • I can't see myself without you...
  • Always trying to cool my self
  • Try to say letter m without your lips touching
  • "Cool boy's" £njoy all the testes of Life ;-)

  • Love status for whatsapp

  • The person who hates you ,loves you the most
  • love is like a coin look from both side
  • Never leave faith, cause faith is very dangerous thing to lose
  • Love is blind so be careful
  • Live life fully, no place for hate, only love.
  • Love is not about possession, Love is about appreciation
  • Love is like a war easy to begin but hard to end
  • So far, but I love you always
  • Love Is My Favorite Mistake
  • Love don't need perfectness its need to be true
  • If u love someone time and distance never be a problem
  • Love doesn't walk away, people do.
  • Love is proved right when you cry harder
  • Love is in the air
  • Thanks God for creating love
  • Love is the word you can never understand
  • Where there is Love.. There is life
  • Dream without fear, love without limits..
  • Forget the haters...because some body loves you
  • Love is like way of life if you don’t go in it u will die
  • Love is not a heart of life; it is only a part of life.
  • Love is a beautiful thing only when it is received!!
  • love never dies, only lover changes
  • Sunshine of your love
  • Love is the best in my life
  • whatsapp status quotes

  • Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.
  • I am the eye in the sky. Looking at you
  • Nothing last forever.
  • If i have wings why m i always walking...
  • Brains are awesome, I wish everyone had one
  • Always spend your valuable time with your self...
  • Better to be true and bad as false and fine :)
  • The Past Doesn't Equal The Future.
  • Nothing is worth having if it isn’t worth showing
  • Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
  • Born to express not to impress: D
  • Don’t judge someone until you've felt their pain
  • It’s easy to say, but it’s hard to prove.
  • Sometimes, you have to smile to hold back the tears.
  • Live free or die hard
  • There is always a little truth in a lie.
  • Life never bends it’s the situation..
  • Life is journey. I am traveler.
  • Note the past, it’s you who decides the future!
  • Don't mix bad words with your bad mood
  • If things go wrong, don't go with them.
  • Born to fight fight to kill ready to die but never will
  • You are my favorite reason to lose my sleep
  • A smile suits every kind of clothes
  • How to share more than 10 media item in whatsapp from gallery?

    share more than 10 media item in whatsapp from Gallery

    Hey friends now you can send more than 10 images or videos in whatsapp in one time. whatsapp increase it limit 10 to 30 images or video now you can send by gallery, in early version it’s limit was 10 so it’s a good imperilment by whatsapp you will get this new limit on whatsapp messenger Version 2.17.190 or in higher version of whatsapp.
    In Early version when you were trying to send more than 10 media files videos or images message give a message Can’t share more than 10 media items now this message will show when you will try to share more 30 media item from gallery.

    How to use whatsapp new pin chats feature-whatapp new features and tricks

    how to apply pin chats in chat

    Whatsapp new feature pin it’s a useful feature you can use this feature for keep any friend chat in top. Today in this post I am going to tell you how you can use this feature or what the benefit of pin feature is. Whatsapp added new pin feature in this feature you can pin 3 chat yes maximum limit of pin are 3.

    Benefit of whatsapp new pin chats feature

    New pin feature is very useful for those people’s who chat with multiple friends this feature will show pinned chat on top it mean you can easily select your favorite chat (friend).you need only pin your favorite chat after this if any your other friend will message you so this message will show below of pinned chat not on top and if your pinned friend will message you it will show on top so you no need to come down or top for find your favorite chat (friend).

    How to use whatsapp new pin chats feature

    For use whatsapp new pin feature select your friend name (who you want to keep on top) by long tap on friend name and after select tap pin icon you can pin 3 chats yes it’s limit maximum 3 chat you can pin it you can also unpin for unpin again select your pinned chat and tap on pin icon.

    How to save whatsapp status videos or images

    whatsapp tricks

    How to save whatsapp status videos or images? Hello friends as you know whatsapp introduced new Status feature in this feature now you can add a video or images in whatsapp status and this status will disappear after 24 hour automatically. You can also seen your friends whatsapp status videos or images the good think is this with this status feature are you can hide your status for your special number it mean you can add excluded number for hide your whatsapp status or you can also choose your contacts number who can see your status photos or videos if you choose this option so everyone can not see your status.

    So here are 3 options in whatsapp for status

  • My Contacts
  • My Contacts Except…
  • Only share with…

  • May you have seen your friend’s whatsapp status videos or image in this status whatsapp does not provide any download or save option for save this status after 24 hour this status will be disappear so you will not see this status again if you want or if you like your friend’s status image or videos how you can keep this images or videos in your mobile.

    110 Best WhatsApp Status

    Here I am going to tell you how you can save whatsapp status videos or images.

    Follow below steps for save status media files.

    Go to file manager option>open whatsapp folder>Open media Folder>Now go to file manager menu and Click on Show hidden files option.

    show hidden files

    if you don't have show hidden file option in your file manager you need to Download and Install ES File Explorer app on your mobile phone.

    after hidden files show

    After show hidden files you can see a folder .Statuses open this folder and here is a status media files available copy status video or images which you want to save and past this files in other folder where you want to keep this files.

    hidden whatsapp status vidoes or images

    See video for save whatsapp status images and videos

    whatsapp image thumbnail change magic trick for android

    Whatsapp change image thumbnail trick actual download image is difference and in chat thumbnail image is difference. Make fun and share fun with your friends. You may have received any picture from your friends in whatsapp this image thumbnail is different in chat screen but actual download image is different you get shock how does it happened does it a magical trick or how your friend do this magic friends don’t worry it’s not a magic it’s a simple trick do by a android (.apk) application. You also can do this by using these apps. In android market many application have for this trick in this post I m going to tell 2 apps.
    1. magiapp
    2. z-photoFake
    3. How to use magiapp (Funny image change effect in whatsapp)

      magiapp download

      First download this app from below giver download link.


      Open this app choose two images in first box choose image which you want to show in chat area in second box choose original image which show after download.
      Now press DoMagic button. After few second automatic will open your whatsapp page now choose contact name to whom you want to share this magic image.

      How to use z-photoFake app (whatsapp image change magic)

      z-photoFake magic app for whatsapp user

      Go to google play store download z-photofake app Install this app choose your original image you want to send after select your image press next button after press next button share option will be show select whatsapp your whatsapp will be open select your contact name to whom you want to share this funny magic image. Which type effect will show in whatsapp by this app?
      This app will show a white blank image in chat box when your friend open this image the original image will show.

    How to send apps and games on whatsapp

    How to send non document file or non video or image files by whatsapp Do you know you can send Android application or other files by whatsapp not only media or documents file you can also send apk file or other files.

    Hello friends my name is vijay now I am going to tell you how to send android app and all kind of file by whatsapp you can send this files by using a simple trick. Currently whatsapp give us permission to send Documents, Audio, Videos, Images, Lacation, or contacts you can send application to your other whatsapp friend.

    How to send App by whatsapp

    Follow below steps for send any android app by whatsapp
    • 1st go to your mobile file manager option.
    • Now select your application file which you want to send
    • Now click on rename option and rename this file extension name you need to change only file extension example your file name is xyz.apk now you need change only .apk into .txt and now save this file.
    how to change apk to txt format

    • Now you can send this file as a txt file.
    sending apk file as  txt file by whatsapp

    • Now for use this apk file your friend need again change this file extension name .txt to .apk after download file.
    For example you send this file to Mr. A now ask to Mr.A change file extension name he will find this file by other name like this DOC-xxxxxxxx-WA00.txt in whatsapp Documents Folder now he need change .txt to .apk extension and use this.

    again converting txt to apk format for us this file

    After changing file extension you can use this application it will be change in original format.

    How to Download Android Paid (Pro version) apps for free - Download Pro apps free

    using app by sending whatsapp

    How to fix android battery draining too fast issue or hanging Problem

    Do you know why your phone battery draining so fast and hanging many android smart phone user want to know why after some time battery getting drain fast and mobile hanging today in this post I am going to tell you how we can solve this issue.

    Why mobile battery draining too fast

    The common reason of battery draining too fast is battery consumption when we use multiple mobile apps in mobile so it use more battery power so when you no need unnecessary app delete the app or you can force close unnecessary app.

    Tips for fix Mobile battery fast draining issue

    Tips To Solve Hanging Problem In Android Smartphone

    • use medium or law Display brightness till then you no need full brightness
    • Force Close unused app
    • Keep mobile WI-FI or GPS or mobile data off when you no need it
    • Do not charge mobile battery whole night
    • you should restart your mobile in a week

    How to solve mobile hanging problem

    • Restart you mobile once a week because by restarting of mobile all unwanted app will be close which is running in background
    • Keep your mobile apps updated because update fix bug in app which is effecting our device
    • Delete Unnecessary Apps
    • Force Close unused app
    • uninstall unauthorized apps

    Thanks for reading this post I hope you Like this Post

    How To Send Whatsapp Messages In A Different Font Style

    Send whatsapp message with stylish and custom fonts whatsapp messenger hidden whatsapp trick for sending message in different font style you may have seen whatsapp message in different font style like bold, italics, underline, and Strikethrough font style or more stylish font message. whtsapp day by day improving and adding more features in whatsapp for users for better experience if we see whatsapp add more feature in whatsapp In comparison to older version of whatsapp.
    Today in this post I’m going to tell you how to send Your Whatsapp Messages in a Different Font Style.
    Now we have 4 type of font style in whatapp.
    1. Bold
    2. Italics
    3. Strikethrough
    4. N e w f o n t (Extra Space between characters)
    How to send whatsapp message in bold font Style.

    For sending whatsapp message in bold font style add * before and after word.
    Example you want send Hello Friend in bold font type *Hello Friend* and send this this message this word will be send in bold fond style.

    how to send whtaspp message in Italics font style.

    For sending whatsapp message in italics font style add _ before and after word.
    Example if you want to send Hello Friends in Italics font type _Hello Friends_ and send this message it will be send in italics font.
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    How to send whatsapp message in Strikethrough font style

    For sending whatsapp message in Strikethrough font style add ~ before and after word.
    Example if you want to send Hello Friends in Strikethrough font type ~Hello Friends~ and send this message it will be send in Strikethrough font Style.

    How to send whatsapp message in N e w f o n t Style

    For Sending whatsapp message in N e w f o n t style (Extra Space between characters) add ''' before and after word.
    Example if you want to send Hello Friends in N e w f o n t style (Extra Space between characters) type '''Hello Friends''' and send this message it will be send in New font Style.

    I hope you like this post

    How to Download Android Paid (Pro version) apps for free - Download Pro apps free

    Download Android pro (Paid) version App free. If you have a question how to download android paid apps free I will tell you a way to download pro version android application free.
    What is pro version of application?
    Pro application is a full version of application which provides you all the feature of application. Some applications are available in two types.
    1. Free in free version company will provide you some features in free version application limited features will work in free version of app it also know as try version.
    2. Pro versions in pro (Paid) version you can use all the features of application but for pro version company will charge you money for use this app but in this post I will tell you how you can download android pro version app free.
    Many Famous apps are free it provide only one version it prime version there is no various version of app that types app you no need to pro version it provide full version which you can download from play store like whatsapp , facebook, google,twitter etc,.
    How to download android paid pro app ( .APK )
    You can download paid app free by using some 3rd party app in market many apps are available for download paid app free but in this post I will tell you one app which I use it’s name is BLACKMART app you no need to root your phone or android device.
    Follow below step for download play store paid app free .
    1st download blackmart app by using below download link and install this app.
    Download Blackmart app

    Now open this app and search your app which you want to download example I want to download viva video pro app so I search this app (this app is available in play store for purchase we will download this app free by blackmart app).

    Now for quick search of pro app apply a filter click on right side of top menu icon.

    Now tap in Sort Mode and click on filter option.

    Now in filter menu select paid option.

    Now this app will be show you only paid app which is available in Google play store purchase.

    Now click on app which you want to Install.

    You download will be start and this app will be install in you android device after install you can use your this pro version app free.

    You can download all Google play store paid application free by blackmart app. Enjoy it.

    Thanks I hope you like this post.
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    • android paid apps for free download.
    • download paid apps for free android market.
    • paid apps for free android black market.
    • best sites to download paid android apps for free.