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How to use Hibernate in Windows 7

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What is Hibernate in feature in windows?

Hibernate feature save your running applications when you need off your pc just use hibernate because this feature save your all running application and when again you start your pc you will get your all running application in same position.

Good habit Use of Hibernate feature in Windows – Hibernate mode is very useful features of windows suppose you are copying large size file and it will take long time for complete copy process and your half file has been copy and half is running and now you have some work you want to shot down your computer but now if you shut down your computer your half copy file will be cancel when again you restart you system you need to copy your file from beginning (0%) so you will lose your all work and time.
If in this situation you use Hibernate Mode your work will not lose.

In short- Hibernate Feature saves your session and turns off the computer, when again you restart your computer all your session will be resume.
We can say Hibernate pause our all work and application and turn off when we restart our pc again our all application resume and it’s save our time and work.

How to Enable Hibernate mode Option In windows 7

It’s very easy to enable hibernate option in windows just follow below given steps for enable hibernate mode option.
  1. Go to Control panel

  2. Select power option

  3. And now click change plan setting option (as show in below image)

  4. Click change advanced power setting (as show in below image)

  5. Now go to click sleep option in this option you see allow hybrid sleep setting. Select off option in setting drop down menu and press apply button. (as show in below image)

  6. Now press apply button and then ok you have enable hibernate option.

  7. After Complete all this step Hibernate option will be show in menu. (as show in below image)

Now when you need use hibernate feature you can use now this feature is enable in window.

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