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How to Check Which Android Version is Running in Your Device

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Know your android version name which android version you are using in your device. Android operating system name we know as Gingerbread , Honeycomb , Ice Cream Sandwich , Jelly Bean , and Android KitKat and in future may be more new. So how you can check which android version is running in your device, it’s very easy to see version name in setting option.

Fallow below steps to know which Android version you are using.

  1. Go to device setting option.

  2. android_menu
  3. Scroll down towards the bottom of the setting menu.

  4. Select About phone option (This option name would be as about “your device Brand name” Phone/Device).

  5. android_setting
  6. Now tab 5 to 6 times in android version now your android version name will be show on current screen with logo of version.

  7. android_about_phone+android_Jelly_Bean

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