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Sorry sms in English

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sorry sms in english

Say sorry to your friends or lovely one-person if you hurt them. Sorry is very powerful word for accept a mistake never hurt someone heart send theme apology sms to admit your mistake and make your relation better.

  • Be the first one to say Sorry when the other person seems to be hurt because of you Be the 1st one to forgive if a Person says Sorry to U!"
  • Why do people never cared about the feelings of others when they hurt someone?? 'n then why they regret their after... why don't they understand that the five letter word "SORRY" does not make any difference. It will not make feel good to the one whom they have already hearted so much...!

  • Sorry sms for Girl Friend

  • I M Sorry Of Being So Emotional I M Sorry Of Being So Possessive I M Sorry That I Cry For You I M Sorry Because I Cant Live Without You

  • I am sorry sms

  • Sometimes saying SORRY is the most difficult thing on earth. But Its the Cheapest thing to save the most expensive gift called "Relationship".. !
  • I am sorry, forgive me and be mine again. I may have been wrong but if I don't do this, Ill never be right. I apologize. If I could avoid what happened, I would, but since I cant, Ill apologize. You are the kindest person I have met. Forgive this fool who cant live without you. Our future hangs on this note of apology! Accept it and change my life forever. I send this message to say sorry, you can take it or leave it. If you leave it, Ill send in another message till you accept it.
  • When armies are mobilized and issues joined, the man who is sorry over the fact will always win.
  • SORRY¦ SORRY¦ SORRY¦SORRY¦ Don't get confused ,O dear SORRY means: S->Some, O->One Is, R->Really, R->Remembering Y->You.. Have A wonderful day.
  • As I feel the tear go down my cheek, I notice that my heart is weak, For the love I have for you, Will always be gold and true, sorry I have made some mistakes, they rest in the past, But know my love will always last, Even though we are a distance apart, You always have the key of my heart.
  • May Be I Was Angry But I Was Childish May Be I Hurt You But I Care For You ! Dear Love.. I Am Sorry I Love You!!
  • Making The First Move To Patch Up Things, Shouldn't Always Come From The One Who Made The Mistake But It Should Come From The One Who Understands ... !!
  • We love ourself even after making so many mistakes. Then how can we hate others 4 their small mistakes? Strange but true! So make habit of FORGIVING.
  • I know I've hurt you I didn't mean to. I am soooooooooo sorry Please forgive me
  • What I Did Was Foolish & Impulsive If I Cud Take It All Back I'd Do This So Instant I Truly Didn't Mean To Hurt You In Any Way I'm Sorry For Hurting You
  • if I have ever done a mistake, 4give me thinking that it was a mistake... and don't ever 4get me even by a mistake....
  • I Know How Angry You Are ... & What You Must Be Going Through So I Hope , You Know How Sorry I Am For All That Happens Between Us ... Please Forgive Me
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