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How to Root Android Phone

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Root android phone easily trick for root android friends my many friends ask to me how to root android phone and what is the benefit of rooting the phone so today In this post I will tell you all about root android and how to root android phone.

Benefit of Root

Android OS is open source operating system it come with some Limitation device manufacture provide us android OS as they want example pre install application you can’t uninstall this apps or startup logo but after root the phone you can use your phone as you want you can uninstall unwanted apps you can change logo by some apps use you phone as you want.

Note-: After Root the phone your phone warranty will be finish/ Cancelled.

How to Root Android

If you want root your android device or phone you need t to install Framaroot in your phone so 1st install framaroot for root the phone.
After install framaroot open this app.
Framaroot installed

Salect Install SuperSU  > After select Install SuperSu Click on Boromir button After this wait for some second After show Success Message restart your phone you have done it.

Check Android Root check phone root access enable or not

For check your phone it root accessible have or not you need to install Root Checker Install this app after install this app open this app.

Root Checker

After open Root Checker Click VERIFY ROOT Button it takes around 10 second for check root if your phone is root enable Congratulations Message will be show as your seeing in upper image.

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