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How to always start chrome, mozilla firefox, and internet explorer in Private Mode

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Use popular web Browser in private or safe mode

Technology is getting more advance we should aware for safe our privacy or security. Friends I advice you always use your web browser in private or safe mode when you use public pc or and other person PC or laptop.
Keep your browser privacy secure use web browser in Private mode you can choose manual option for use browser in private or safe mode but you also can set browser in Private mode by default you not need to select private mode every time set this private or safe mode for every time.
All Major Browser provides this feature by different name. Google chrome provide this feature as incognito mode and Mozilla Firefox provide this feature as Private Browsing and in internet explorer this feature is available by name of Private or Safe Mode.
Benefits of Private Browsing

  • This mode erases History
  • this mode not saves user name or password
  • NO one can check your browser history
  • Keep all record Private when you close browser this mode delete cookies

  • Google Chrome

    How to use chrome in incognito mode and how to set Google Chrome open by default in incognito

    For use Incognito modes in #Google #chrome go to menu option and click on New Incognito Window a new window will be open this window is Incognito window. Short key for open incognito window Ctrl+Shift+N press all three keys for open incognito window.

    How to Set Chrome browser Default open in Incognito mode.

    For set #GoogleChrome in incognito mode press Right Click of mouse in Chrome opening icon choose property now add -incognito word in Target Address add this word in End of Target Address and click apply button then press ok button you have done. Now your Google chrome Browser is set as open in Incognito Mode.

    Mozilla Firefox

    For use #Mozilla #Firefox in Private mode go to menu bar and choose New Private Window you can use short key for open new private window Press Ctrl+Shift+P.

    Use Mozilla Firefox Private Browsing As Default Browsing Mode

    For use #MozillaFirefoxBrowser in private mode by single click press right click on this browser icon and go to property option there is Target Address add -private word in last of the address and press apply then OK you have done it now this browser will open in private mode by click this icon.

    Internet Explorer

    Use internet explorer in Safe mode

    For use #InternetExplorer in safe mode go to menu and click on new In Private Window use short key for open new private window Press Ctrl+Shift+P a new window will be open in private or safe mode.

    Use Internet explorer Safe Browsing as Default Browsing Mode

    Press right click on Internet explorer icon go to property option there is a Target Address go to this address and add –private word in last of the address and now press apply and OK button you have done it now when will open this #browser by press this icon a new private window will be open.