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Maths Puzzles Messages With Solution

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Math puzzle quotations messages with answers send this message to your friends and create fun you can make more fun make this puzzle your status and get answer by all friends.

Question:4___4___4___4 = 20 Use +, -, /, * To Solve It. It's A Challenge...Reply the Answer.

Answer Is :4/4+4*4=20 4/4=1 1+4=5 5*4=20

A Woman Bought a Used Car for Rs. 60,000/- and sold it a friend for Rs. 80,000/. She later bought it back for Rs.. 1,00,000/- and resold it for Rs. 1,20,000/-. Did she make any profit and if so, how much..?

Answer is:At FIRST glance it appears she made a profit of Rs. 20,000, however this is not the case. She made a total profit of Rs. 40,000/- since she made Rs. 20,000/- profit each TIME she sold the car.
Hai koi genius online..
jo sahi answer de sake...???
Ek car ka number 4 digits ka hai...
4th digit,1st digit ka double hai...
2nd and 3rd digits same hai...
Aur first two digits ka double last two digits hai...
Bolo car ka kya number Hai ?????
Ans: ????

Answer is 4998