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How to Show Total Number of Post, Comment in Blogger / Blogspot Blog?

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Do you want show (Display) Total number of published post and comments in blogger / BlogSpot blog? Some people love to show total number of post and comments in Blog. 

If you want to show total number of post, comment in your blog you just need add a JavaScript in your blog by adding Gadget.

It very easy to add this widget in your blogger blog just add below given JavaScript in your blog.

Follow Below given step to add total number of post, comment Display in your blog.

Sign in – in your blogger account

Select your Blog in which blog you want to Display total number of post and comments

Go to Layout Option.

 In Layout option there is an Add Gadget Option Select this (see below demo image)

Blogger add a gadget option

After select Add Gadget a popup window will be open (Add Gadget window)

 Now select “HTML/JavaScript” Gadget. (See below demo image)

Blogger html/Java Script adding gadget

Now add below given JavaScript in Content Box. (See below demo image)      

Please Copy Below JavaScript and paste  in HTML/JavaScript Content box
<script style="text/javascript">function mbhTotalCount(json) {document.write(parseInt(json.feed.openSearch$totalResults.$t,10));}</script><p style="font:20px Tahoma;">Total Posts: <script src=""></script></p><p style="font:20px Tahoma;">Total Comments: <script src=""></script></p>

Note: - Please replace with your blog URL

Now press Save Button after save press Save Arrangement Button on layout page.

Now check your blog.

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