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How to Backup and Restore Blogger Template

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Why you need to backup your blogger template?

Are you planning for some change in your blogger template? If yes so it’s good and some time you must customize your blogger template according to blog requirement because Blog/sites layout and its appearance are Very important to attract your Blog reader’s eyes. Always we should try to improve our template design by adding or change in html, CSS or java scripts. But before making any change in blogger template you must first backup you blogger template. Because when you are editing in template there are chances for your template to crash and it will affect the complete site layout. At that instance you can revert it to your previous template by restoring it from backup.

Blogger provide all important facility for bloggers. Easily you can backup or restore your blogger template.

How to backup Blogger template?

Follow below step for get backup of your blogger template.

  1. Login to your Blogger Account

  2. Select your blog.

  3. Click on “Template” (See below helping image)

    Template option

  4. Click “Backup / Restore” Button you will be find this bottom right side on the top. (See below helping image)

    Backup and Restore button

  5. After click Backup / Restore button a small window will be open. Now click to download full template button for Backup of you blog templates. (See below helping image)
how to backup blogger template

  • Now save your Blogger template backup file in your pc.

How to restore Blogger template?

Backup file restoring is very easy just follow below step for restore blogger template.
  1. Go to your Blogger dashboard and Click on “Template” (See below helping image)

    Template option

  2. Select Backup/Restore button from top right corner. (See below helping image)

    Backup and Restore button

  3. Choose a template file from your computer and click upload. You have restored your template! (See below helping image)

Note:- template file should be in XML file when you upload.

I hope now you first backup your template after this your will Edit your template.

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