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how to add unique meta description in blogger every post

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Meta Tags to Blogger

Meta Description is very important part of every post for search engines because meta description is a summary of post info. Blogger has introduced the option of adding unique Meta description in every post.

Why we need Adding Unique Meta Description in every Post

Google use the Meta Description as a snippet while displaying search result just below title. Description shows what your page is actually about and its help to visitors by telling about your blog or website which kind of your page.

That's why we need add Unique Meta description according to post, it will help in optimizing your blog for Search Engines.

How to add unique meta Description in blogger every post?

Follow below step for adding unique description in all post.

  1. Log-in to your blogger Account
  2. Select your Blog.
  3. Click Setting option > Search Preferences (See below help Image)

  4. Click on Edit Meta Tag (See Below demo helping image)

  5. after click on Edit click on yes check box. (See Below demo helping image).

  6. Now enter your description and click on save change. (See Below demo helping image)

After complete above steps Meta description option will be enabled in new post creation page.

Note: This setting won’t work mostly in custom blogger templates and so we’ll have to insert some code to enable it. Go to Template >Edit HTML >  copy the below lines of code and paste it just below the <head> tag.

If you are using other similar code remove that and add below given code.

Save your blogger template.

Now you can add different Meta description for every blog post accordint to post. You’ll find a new option “Search Description” in post creation form edit search description and enter your post description. (See Below demo helping image how this option look)

If you need any kind of help you can leave your comment in comment box

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