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How to use Google Analytics in blogger?

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Do you want to use Google Analytics in your blog for monitoring in your blog/website traffic? All Blogger want to know real or accurate statistics of his blog traffic. And every blogger should use Google Analytics for analyzed web traffic for make blog more useful according to type visitors. Google Analytics provide maximum information of visitor like which device visitor use desktop or mobile and by which search keyword visitor come in your site so you can provide more helpful information according to visitor search keyword. You can Install Google Analytics in your blog very easily below I will tell how to use and install Google Analytics in your blog.

Why you need to use Google Analytics in your blog?

Google Analytics is the best tool for traces your real and accurate traffic report. Google analytics is unique features which help to knowing the data about the blog/site visitors. Some awesome features are given below.

  1. Real Time Visitors: These features provide you information about Real time active visitors mean how many visitors are active now in your website. It’s providing more information like which page is using visitor or visitor geographical location and more.

  2. Geographical Location: You can know the geographical location of your visitors. You can know which country visitor mostly uses your site. .

  3. Average Visit Duration: One of the best features that you can know that how much time your blog visitor is spending on your blog. By know average visit duration you can get idea your site content or information is useful or not.

  4. Operator System, Browser and Service Provider: This feature is providing you visitor operating system or browser information like which operating system visitor use or which browser visitor use. Or show you service provider name .

  5. Page views, Daily Visits and Unique Visits: This tool provide information like how much page views are you getting daily and how much new visitors comes in your site today. .

How to Install Google Analytics in Blogger

Installing of Google analytic in blogger is very easy just follow below steps.

  1. Go to Google Analytics and Sign In With Google Account.

  2. Now click on signup button right side of the top. (See helping image below)

  3. Analytics-sign-up

  4. Fill The Simple Form Fill It with Your Fields (See helping image below)

  5. analytics+form

  6. After Filling The Form, Just Click The "Get Tracking ID" Button and Proceed To Next Step.

  7. Now here you’ll Be Asked for Accepting Their Policies, So Read Their Policies and Hit Accept Button. (See helping image below)

  8. Google-Analytics-Terms-of-Service-form

  9. After accept Terms of Service Agreement Google analytics will be provide you a Tracking ID code just add this code to your blog. (See helping image below)

  10. Google_Analytics_Tracking+ID

How to add Google Analytics Tracking ID in Blogger

  1. Go to Blogger

  2. Go to your blog Layout option.

  3. Now Select Add a Gadget option.

  4. Now select Html/Java Script option

  5. Now past the Google analytics Tracking ID code in Content area field and press save button.

You have done it now you can track your blog traffic status.