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How to Earn Money From YouTube

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earn money by youtube

Make money online by Youtube friends do you know YouTube is very big source to earn money online millions of people earning from Youtube you also can make money via Youtube friends everybody want to earn money by different different source so today I’m going to tell you a good source for earn money by internet.

How does youtube earning system work

Youtube provide the ad for your video you may have seen ad before start youube video or in middle of video this video provide by adword for adsense, youtube, adword or adsense is google services. you should upload original videos for good earning.

How to increase YouTube video viewers

Share your video in social side
Increase subscribers for your video
Original video always perform good

How much can you earn money

Your eaning by youtube is depend on many factors like location which kind of video you have so we can’t calculate actual revenue but we can take some idea. Average 1000 viewers can make 1$ if your video eligible for ad your video should unique not copyright issuable don’t download others video can upload again Google you tube is very smart platform it can detect duplicate so upload unique new video and earn .

How to create youtube account

Create google account for youtube after creating Google account sign in YouTube and upload your video.