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Responsive Ads From Google AdSense

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Google Responsive Ads

Responsive Ads for responsive website no need to use device condition tag use single ad unit responsive ad unit this ad unit will show ads according to website visitor device screen size like Desktop, Tablet, Mobile device Google adsense introduce new ad unit responsive format ads this ad unit work in all size device ads size automatic will be adjust according to device all ad size will work 250x250, 468X16, 336X280, 300X250, 728X90.. etc this all Google ads sizes will work according to device.

Increase Adsense CTR, CPC, Earning

Increase your adsense ads CTR (Clickthrough Rate), CPC (Cost-per-click) or earning use responsive ad unit format your website should be responsive for this google responsive ads so think for Responsive Web Design.

How google responsive ad unit work.

This ad unit 1st check website visitor device size or your website page space after that it show the ads for this page according to Device screen size this mean is ads unit automatically adapt its size to fit your page layout.

Responsive Ads Example

below we are providing Example of Responsive ads
234X60 ad Size Example

336X280 ad size Example

468X60 Ad Size Example

728X90 Ad size Example

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