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Love Status for Whatsapp

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Love status update your whatsapp status with lovely love status message show your feeling by love status we have many status for you love status message in Shayari style romantic love sms feel free share this to some special person whom you like most or love them.
Love Status

  • There are a lot of birds whispering only about you,
    you should once listen to them,
    then you would know how much I love you.

  • Love is when you take away
    the feeling, the passion, the romance..
    and you find out..
    you still care for the person...!!

  • you can show love to everyone but u can
    show anger to only who is close to you,
    so anger is always higher love.

  • Love is like an hourglass,
    with the heart filling up
    as the brain empties

  • Only A Lovely Person Can
    Feel Your Silent Pain
    Will Hold Your Hand Till
    You Become Strong Again. . .

  • Love is not finding someone to live with;
    it's finding someone you can't live without

  • The happiest feeling ever knows
    that he could be with any other girl in the entire world,
    but he chooses to be with you

  • Always be ready to prove you love someone,
    because LOVE is not a noun to be defined,
    but a verb to be acted.

  • Sum people r more dearer than others
    reason s not d happiness u feel wen u meet them
    but it s d emptiness u feel wen thy r not near u.

  • I know things have to be the way they are
    Yet my heart longs for more
    You have touched my life in ways
    it has never been touched before

  • The Most Important Thing In Life Is...
    To Love Someone...
    The Second Most Important Thing In Life Is...
    To Have Someone Love You...
    The Third Most Important Thing Is...
    To Have The First Two Happen At The Same Time... .

  • No matter what you've been through,
    somewhere out there, the person who
    truly cares is waiting to make it better.

  • Whenever I feel down and out,
    I think of you because your sweetness is my sugar fix.
    I miss you sweetie.

  • When two people are in love,
    it's not the beginning that's important.
    It's the middle, without an ending.

  • Someone who really loves you sees
    what a mess you can be, how moody you
    can get, how hard u are to handle,
    but still wants u in their life.

  • I'm not a clock dat can SMS you 24hrs A day
    but my heart will b like a clock
    that will non-stop care n pray for a special person like u.

  • Falling in love is easy,
    staying in love is a challenge,
    letting go is hard,
    and moving on is the hardest.

  • Sometimes you have to love people from a distance
    and give them space and time to get their minds right

  • TRUST is a better compliment than LOVE
    Becoz u may NOT always trust the person u love,
    butu CAN always love d person whom u trust.

  • We think there is endless time to live,
    but we never know which moment is last.So.
    Share..! Care..! Love..!
    Celebrate Every moment of LIFE.

  • There are people you love so much,
    and there are others even the tiniest
    reminder of them brings you down.

  • Love is like a mustard seed;
    planted by God
    and watered by men

  • Let us always meet each other with a smile,
    for a smile is the beginning of love

  • Romantic love sms

  • I feel awesome to be with you,
    I feel so good you know,
    I may not have many words to show,
    But, you must know,
    That I love you very much!

  • Life Becomes Romantic When Eyes Start Looking
    At Some one Silently..
    Life Becomes More R0mantic When Some one
    Starts Reading Those Eyes Silently

  • I always lose control when you by my side.
    U has become the light of my life.
    I always enjoy the time i spend with you.
    I think I’m falling in love with you!

  • You are like the sunshine so warm,
    You are like sugar, so sweet.
    You are like you.
    And that’s the reason why i love you.

  • Anyone Can Catch Your Eye,
    But It Takes Someone Special
    To Catch Your Heart

  • There is no silence in my heart, when I’m in love.
    There is not tears from my soul,
    no longing or hatred — only passion,
    love and romance. When I’m with you,
    this is how I am. I love you.

  • So I will stand here forever,
    If forever’s what it takes,
    because you are my forever and forever always waits.

  • I hope you are going to be by my side
    for the rest of my life because
    I am emotionally dependent on your love
    and warm feelings. Let's just say,
    if life was winter, you are my blanket.

  • Some men may feel the need to love 1000 different women
    a REAL man knows how to love one woman 1000 different ways

  • I love you so much, I love your every touch
    my love for you is so immense
    it just puts me so intense
    thinking about you all the time
    ... being glad that your mine

  • One-armed hugs means we're friends.
    Two-armed hugs show I care.
    Squeezing the hell out of her says I love.

  • Everybody can say they love you,
    but not everyone can mean it.
    So believe it when you feel it,
    not hear it.

  • Shayari on love

  • Naa Chain Hai Naa Karaar Hai
    Suna Suna Sa Hai Sab, Sab Kuch Viran Hai
    Ek Ajab Si Kasmakash Mein Hun
    Sab Kuch Hai Pass Merey Phir Bhi Akela Hun
    Sari Raat Na Soya Hun
    Teri Hi Yaadon Mein Khoya Hun

  • Kash K Humain Ek Moqa Milta Apni
    Muhabbat Ko Jatany Ka
    Hum Apni Sans Ka Zarra Zarra Bhi
    Us Ki Rohh K Naam Kar Dete

  • Kaun rakhta hai yaad naamo ko,
    Log chehere ko bhool jatey hain,
    Tum samunder ke baat karti ho,
    Log aankhon mein doob jatey hain.

  • Ager Zindagi mai judai na hoti
    To kabhi kisi ki yaad aai na hoti
    Sath hi guzarta her lamha to shayaed
    Rishton mai yeh gahrai na hoti…

  • Zakham dene ka andaz kuch aisa he
    Zakham dekar poochte hen ab haal kaisa he ,
    Kisi ek se gila kya karna yaaro ,
    Saari duniya ka mizaj ek jaisa ha.

  • Hum Ne Suna Tha..
    Kuch Paane Ke Liye Kuch Khona Padta Hai..!
    Ye Nahi Pata Tha.
    Dil Laga Kar Roona Bhi Padta Hai..!

  • Unse roj milne ko dil chahta he,
    kuch sune aur sunane ko dil chahta he,
    tha kisi k manane ka andaz aisa k,
    fir se ruth jane ko Dil chahta he.

  • Sad love status

  • Never find fault from ur lovable ones
    because fault may be small but,
    that heart will suffer a lot...


  • Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,
    and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.

  • Best Way To Kill Yourself.
    Love Someone Truely, You Will Die Every Day
    It's Not A Joke.
    True Affection Give More Pain Alway's.

  • How u deal with Love is how u deal with yourself,
    and all our hearts feel t he same pains and joys as you,
    even if our lives and ways are different..

  • Once there was a day when i thanked god for
    making me your friend but today i
    hate him for the same reason.

  • cute love status

  • Where there is love there is life.

  • Only true Love Understands...
    The Language Of Our Eyes...

  • Love is not a question, it’s a
    hearty decision but why do we wait for girlfriend answer?

  • Only True Love Knows When...
    These Eyes Hide The Tears...

  • It was love at first sight,
    at last sight, at ever and ever sight.