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How to fix android battery draining too fast issue or hanging Problem

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Do you know why your phone battery draining so fast and hanging many android smart phone user want to know why after some time battery getting drain fast and mobile hanging today in this post I am going to tell you how we can solve this issue.

Why mobile battery draining too fast

The common reason of battery draining too fast is battery consumption when we use multiple mobile apps in mobile so it use more battery power so when you no need unnecessary app delete the app or you can force close unnecessary app.

Tips for fix Mobile battery fast draining issue

Tips To Solve Hanging Problem In Android Smartphone

  • use medium or law Display brightness till then you no need full brightness
  • Force Close unused app
  • Keep mobile WI-FI or GPS or mobile data off when you no need it
  • Do not charge mobile battery whole night
  • you should restart your mobile in a week

How to solve mobile hanging problem

  • Restart you mobile once a week because by restarting of mobile all unwanted app will be close which is running in background
  • Keep your mobile apps updated because update fix bug in app which is effecting our device
  • Delete Unnecessary Apps
  • Force Close unused app
  • uninstall unauthorized apps

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