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How to Remove Blogger Navbar?

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How to Remove Blogger Navigation Bar (Navbar)

What is Navbar in Blogger?

Blogger show a navigation bar by default at the top of every blogger blog it’s called navbar (Navigation Bar). Navigation is not bed it may be useful but sometime we need to remove this navbar. The Blogger navbar is mostly hidden in in third party blogger templates.

The advantages of Navbar are the Below given:

  • When you click on the B icon, it will take you to

  • a quick link to your Dashboard and "Sign in /Sign out" dialog

  • You can easily search for other blogs

  • You can "Flag Blog" (if you consider content of a blog objectionable)

  • Next Blog - takes you to a random, recently-updated Blogger blog

The disadvantage of navbar is... If you have customized design, Navbar doesn't fit in design for looking wise.

So how you can remove/Hide navbar?

Hiding of navbar is very easy you just need add small CSS code in your blogger template.

Add below given css in your blogger template.

How to add above css in blogger template for remove navbar.

Go to your Blogger dashboard and Click on > Template >Edit HTML Now find “]]></b:skin>” and just before this code pase above given CSS. Now save your Template and refresh your blog and see blogger navbar has been removed.